Client interview : Paul MALLET, Senior Account Director for Linkedin

The custom box: THE good idea!

When Paul Mallet saw a LinkedIn post from Smartclic presenting the new custom box offer, it had been a year since his team and his clients had been teleworking with no physical meetings or events taking place.

Our clients continued to trust us, we were regularly in contact with them to move forward with our projects, but the events we used to organise in person couldn’t occur due to context. The box was the right idea to show them that we were thinking about them, especially in a teleworking environment that was new to some of them.”

Customers touched by the attention

About sixty clients, in France and abroad, received a box at home with the LinkedIn logo, a set of teleworking theme small gifts and a personalised message. “The whole operation was carried out by the Smartclic team with meticulous precision. The service was exceptional, and the customers were extremely touched.” Mission accomplished for this team whose mission is changing in order to respond to the acceleration of discussions on the network and the changing needs of companies since the beginning of the health crisis.

LinkedIn: an essential tool

LinkedIn is the leader in professional social network, with 774 million members worldwide, including 22 million in France. That is to say 2/3 of the French working population. 841,000 French companies, of all sizes, in all sectors of activity, of all status, are represented on the network. Implanted for almost 15 years in France,

LinkedIn has become, for many, a necessity since the health crisis: a visibility platform, a recruitment tool, but also a space allowing to share information and debates, the LinkedIn community is characterised by benevolent exchanges and mutual aid. Faced with the growing popularity over the past year and a half, the challenge for Paul Mallet and his team is to help companies discovering and making full use of the resources offered by LinkedIn, which is more positioning itself as a genuine strategic tool for communication and human resources management.