Client Interview: Mathieu BRUNIER, Manager and Key Account Manager, Google, Dublin

When the giant meets Tom Pouce, great stories can be written…

How did the giant digital, which has no less than 8000 employees in Dublin, choose SMARTCLIC for the creation of personalised objects, team building objects and for a virtual customer event?

Although Google’s Dublin office has been closed since March and most of the employees, who are very cosmopolitan, have returned to work in their home countries, Mathieu Brunier wanted to send a little sign to his team. A rather special mission that he chose to entrust to SMARTCLIC. He explains us why.

What makes a giant like Google choose, from Dublin, to work with SMARTCLIC?

It’s all about customer relationship and the values we share. I’ve been working at Google for ten years and my values are still the same. I really want to keep this humility and I would like us to see Google as a truly human company at the service of its customers. My team’s mission is to make sure that every euro invested on our platforms (Chrome, Youtube, …) is invested in the best possible way. The client, when he entrusts us with an advertising campaign, has the choice to stop whenever he wants. So, it is in our own interest to do our best to keep him: to advise him well so that his creations are successful and to optimise his media plan in the best possible way so that his investment is the most profitable. All our model is based on transparency and flexibility of the solutions offered to the customer. All this, I find it at SMARTCLIC: they have the same generosity, the same passion, the same sense of service that I try to transmit to my teams.

I find all this at SMARTCLIC: they have the same generosity, the same passion, the same sense of service that I try to transmit to my teams.

M. Brunier

How did you meet Smartclic ?

I studied with Vincent Daumas at Grenoble Ecole de Management. Even though we’ve remained friends ever since, we’d never worked together. Three years ago I was asked to share their offices for a few days when I was in the region for family reasons. It was there that I really discovered the SMARTCLIC values and spirit. But beyond the values, it is a real quality of service that I know I can find in their offices. So when I thought about what I could do to show my team that I was thinking about them, I immediately knew where I could find the answer.

It is a beautiful story that is written between you…

 Yes, I was extremely satisfied with the service provided: it consisted of personalising an isothermal bottle in the name of each team member and sending it to each person’s home, during the lockdown. We were in a hyper-personalisation phase and I needed to be reactive. The products are made of a very good quality, the prices are unbeatable considering the small quantities ordered and the customer service is top-notch.

Since then, we have repeated the experience for a virtual customer event with the shipping of personalised backpacks for our customers. Other Google teams are already thinking about using SMARTCLIC.