The Imprim’Vert eco-label

Focus on the Imprim’ Vert eco-label

In the continuity of our CSR approach, in order to reduce the impact on the planet, our workshops meet the Imprim’Vert label.

Imprim’Vert is a French label, created in 1998 by the Chamber of Trades and Crafts of the Loir-et-Cher and the Regional Chamber of Trades and Crafts of the Center. This label was then adopted on a national level, whose management has been entrusted to the Printing Innovation Pole since 2007, which now enable controls and allow the label for printers who are matching the specifications. This label allows printers who decide to reduce the impact of printing on the planet by making strategic, ecological and “made in France” choices. This printing can be on paper, but also on fabrics.

The Imprim’Vert® brand aims to promote the implantation by companies engaged in printing activities, concrete leading actions to reduce the impact of the activity on the environment. This brand is recognised by all actors in the graphic design industries.

In order to obtain the Imprim’Vert label, the printer must meet all the criteria of obligations that are established by the Innovation Pole of the Printing. They are important to ensure a low impact on the planet and the environment, but they are also a guarantee of quality and ecology.

As a first step, hazardous waste must first be eliminated in an appropriate manner. These wastes include, among others, cans and aerosols, solvents, electrical and electronic equipment, or all ink containers. In a second step, hazardous liquids must be stored in a secure place. Another very important criteria for the Imprim’Vert label: no toxic products must be used. Then, the staff must also be trained by the company on the environmental impact of printing. The company must also educate customers on ecology, in order to communicate on positive environmental gestures and act together.

Finally, the printer must also take care of its own energy consumption.

What do you get out of it, as a customer?

By choosing an Imprim’Vert certified company, you invest in an ecological and environmental approach and you promote a different impact on the environment. Indeed, you also are making a gesture for the planet. This means that not only you do support a good cause, but also a type of local consumption, allowing ethical businesses and producers to develop.