Interview: Léa TROUCHE, Project Manager at Smartclic

Focus on Léa Trouche, Project Manager for Smartclic

It is with great pleasure that we welcome a new member in our teams. Arriving at the beginning of October, Léa is not so new… well, for us anyway!

At the head of Votrecomm, an agency specialised in embroidery and printing on all media, Léa has been a partner of choice for Smartclic for several years. She brings us a unique expertise and a perfect knowledge of the production process.

After training in embroidery in the world of luxury, Léa chose to join the family adventure when she left school. Alongside her father, the founder of the Votrecomm agency in Grasse, she spent ten years exploring all the facets of the business, both technical, commercial and entrepreneurial: “At school, I learned the art of detail and perfect finishes. Once in the company, it was a completely different story. I had to deal with everything: commercial relationship, quotes, production, delivery. It was fascinating because I worked for luxury establishments as well as for building companies, for plumbers as well as for restaurants. I love this richness and diversity”.

Recently I even put an sticker on a car to help a customer’s urgent need!


Originally specialised in advertising embroidery, the agency had gradually diversified its activity through printing on other support of media (PVC, adhesives, …). This is how, for four years now, Smartclic has regularly entrusted Votrecomm with specific printing projects for some of its clients.

But the complicated context of the last few months has led Léa to make other choices: “My father has retired and with the health crisis, I could no longer manage everything on my own. It was too heavy. It’s an exceptional opportunity to have joined Smartclic: I can continue to provide my loyal customers with quality service and production and put my expertise at the service of the agency”.

As a production project manager, Léa now assists all our customers with production monitoring: from graphic creation to approval of the mock-up, including factory production and pre-delivery inspection.
“Recently I even put a sticker on a car to help a customer’s urgent need! I like being in the field and taking care of a mission from A to Z.”