Client Interview: Stéphane KNOLL, Director of IM2S

As an enterprise director, Stéphane Knoll faces the Covid 19 crisis on a daily basis by trying to maintain jobs and part of its activity.

After two weeks of total shutdown, IM2S Fire Protection is gradually coming back to life. Trained in barrier gestures and equipped with the necessary tools, the technicians gradually return to the field. Even if the future is unknown, the teams remain united.

When Stéphane learns about the lockdown in mid-March, he admits that he is not prepared at all. “We had not identified this type of risk when we wrote our unique document. Quite simply, because this risk didn’t exist… We had to make decisions very quickly. My first priority as a company manager was of course to protect my employees.” To do this, the company stopped its activity. An on-call service was quickly put back in place for emergencies. “Once this moment passed , we carried out an important analysis phase on how we could resume our activity while ensuring the protection of our employees. Like many companies, we had to face supply issues: it took us three weeks before we could find gloves and masks for example.” At the same time, IM2S Fire Protection is developing, with the support of the OPPBTP and the guides offered by the State, an online training course on barrier gestures and the new procedures to be applied during operational interventions. For two weeks, the company has partially resumed its activity. However, it faces another major challenge: access to the buildings of clients who are often closed or reluctant to use outside service providers, some of whom are in deep financial difficulty.

Saving the enterprise…

Optimistic by nature, Stéphane Knoll recognises that the lack of visibility in the short and medium term is the most difficult to manage in this crisis. “As a business leader, I have two main directives: maintaining jobs and saving the company. I am well aware that we are going to have to face a major economic crisis, but no one is in a position to evaluate it. Fortunately, we are well supported by the State and the banks. What I fear the most is that we will have to face a second wave.

…and support the suppliers

When asked about the preventive range offered by Smartclic, Stéphane Knoll’s opinion is irrefutable: “As in everything Smartclic does, it is the sense of service that comes first. Well thought out, this range meets our needs perfectly and the prices offered are under control. As soon as our usual suppliers have relevant new ideas, we have to give them priority. This is also my duty as a company manager.

Located in La Gaude in the Alpes Maritimes, IM2S Fire Protection is specialised in the installation and maintenance of fire fighting equipment. Created in 2008, the company has 15 employees and operates in various types of premises: shops, businesses, hotels and tourist sites, residential buildings…