Interview: Preventive Range Review by Thomas GALINOU, Key Account Manager at Smartclic

Thomas has been working at Smartclic for a year and a half and is now in charge of the agency’s key accounts. His mission: to meet the needs of our customers by offering them the most suitable tools for a strong and trusting partnership. In order to help companies cope with the COVID-19 crisis, Thomas is now in charge of the deployment of the new Preventive Range proposed by Smartclic. He explains to us how this range was born and the challenges it meets.

How did you come up with the idea of creating this preventive range?

To face this unprecedented crisis, one of the big challenges for companies is to ensure the protection of employees and their customers. This includes messages reminding people of the need to use barrier gestures for example, and real solutions to protect against the spread of the virus. Smartclic’s preventive range comes in response to all this with messages and adapted tools: Print, signage, equipment, goodies.

What inspired you in the creation of this range?

We have found a great opportunity to give new meaning to our business and prove our ability to adapt. We have a perfect mastering of the tools we offer because they are the heart of our business. By providing a direct and adapted response to what companies need today, we continue to do what we know how to do best on a daily basis: be reactive, listening and serving our customers.

What guarantees do you bring to your customers for this range?

Today, we have two challenges to meet: the quality of the products supplied and a on-time delivery. Here again, our clients can count on the experience of our agency and the quality of our suppliers network . For example the surgical protective masks, we did work very seriously on their traceability and compliance, in an industry where the majority of imported products do not match the mandatory levels of certification. We have also worked with all our suppliers to secure supply chains and provide all the necessary guarantees for our customers. This has been possible thanks to the relationship of trust and reliability of the service providers with whom we have been working for nearly 10 years.

What state of mind are you in at the time of the launch of this range?

This, obviously, generates a lot of stress but we are all very happy to have been able to take this challenge up. It gives the whole team a new impulse. Like all companies, Smartclic saw its activity stop almost overnight. We hope that we’ve aimed it right with this range so that our customers can continue to find solutions that make their daily lives easier, even in this very special period.