Client Interview: Clémence RENAUDI, Deputy Administrative and Financial Director, Groupe Renaudi, Cagnes-sur-mer

The strength of local economy

With nearly 230 employees and 7 complementary activities, the Groupe Renaudi is a great family adventure whose history continues. Clémence Renaudi is representing the 3rd generation to join the company. Closely followed by her brother and soon her twin sister, all of them 3 bring a new impetus to the Group in a context where communication and sustainable development have become essential development axes.

Shaping the present. Preparing for the future.

This is the baseline with which the Groupe Renaudi stands for today. Founded in 1964 by Antoine Renaudi, the TAMA company was originally specialised in earthworks and had a small staff of ten employees at the end of the 1960s. Little by little, thanks to its expertise, the company developed and took part in numerous structural projects on the French Riviera. In 1996, Philippe Renaudi, Antoine’s son, who had joined the company a few years earlier, took over the general management.

This marked the beginning of an important external growth strategy: successively, EMGC, CEFAP, Riviera Concepts and Roatta & Brosio were redeemed, gradually forming the Groupe Renaudi.

A strong regional base

It is now the 3rd generation, composed of Clémence, Morgane and Anthony Renaudi who are aiming to perpetuate the values of the Group. And to give it a new impetus, according to the needs of an era where communication, technology and sustainable development have become essential. “We took the opportunity during the Group’s 55th anniversary to create new contents for our communication. New logo, new website, creation of an event. Today, we are concerned with consolidating our image and professionalising our approach by working with local actors. It is in this spirit that the partnership with Smartclic was born”.

After supplying communication equipment for the worksites (information panels, clothing for the teams), Smartclic was asked to help out with the end-of-year celebrations. As the traditional end-of-year meal could not be organised for health reasons, the Groupe Renaudi offered a personalised box to all its employees. “Everyone really appreciated it: employees as well as management staff. The products price-performance  ratio and the  time delivery are excellent. Working with a local actor makes sense here”. It’s a great story that we hope is just started!