Interview: Gisèle CHAUMEILLE, Sales consultant at Smartclic

Gisèle joined us at the beginning of March to reinforce our sales team. She is in charge of the follow-up and the commercial relationship with our VSE and SME customers. She brings with her 20 years of experience in advertising management. Put in lockdown only 15 days after her arrival, she will remember her start at the agency for a long time …

Why did you leave your previous position?

After twenty-one years in the same group, it was time for me to change. I felt that the momentum and motivation was starting to fade away. At the dawn of my 50th birthday, I thought to myself that this was the time of my life!

What motivated you to join Smartclic?

Mainly, the personality of its leader that I immediately felt. His goodwill and listening, and the size of the structure that allows very short and very reactive decision circuits. Leaving a group of 800 employees also means leaving a tremendous amount of process, multiple hierarchical levels and complex decision-making circuits. I was also seduced by the agency’s values and the innovative approaches . For me, joining Smartclic means discovering !

How did you get through your first few lockdown weeks?

It was obviously very difficult. I had only been with the agency for a couple of weeks, I didn’t know anything yet, or almost nothing, and I found myself working alone at home with a team that I barely had time to get to know. But this period proved my first impression of the company : Vincent Daumas is a caring manager, he was able to reassure me and support me throughout the lockdown. I was also able to appreciate the real team spirit that animates the agency.

With what state of mind did you come back to the agency?

Even more motivated to give the best of myself! I am delighted to have been able to return to the premises and work alongside the team. I am finally starting to be able to meet my clients. I want to learn quickly in order to be as efficient as possible and as quickly as possible. The agency needs all of us to give our best to help it get through this very complicated economic period. For my part, I intend to prove to Vincent and the whole team that they were right to trust me!