Focus on: ESAT Les Prés, a logistic partner like no other

Many of you order kits from us to thank your customers, employees or partners. To satisfy your needs and guarantee you a great reactivity, we chose to entrust part of this logistic activity to the ESAT (establishment of help through work) Les Prés de St-Jeannet (06). A great opportunity for Smartclic to make local partners working together – we are located in the same village! – and to confirm our social and solidarity commitment.

They are 75 workers coming to work every day in Saint Jeannet. 75 disabled workers for whom the AFPJR association is in charge of finding missions. At ESAT Les Prés, one of the establishments managed by the association, 4 activities are offered to individuals and companies: Maintenance of Green Spaces, Laundry, Industrial Subcontracting and Valorisation of Industrial Waste, Maintenance of premises. Laure Jacob is responsible for the “subcontracting” activity that Smartclic uses. The team is composed of 18 workers and 3 instructors. Delighted with this partnership on our side, Laure Jacob does everything in her power to satisfy our needs: “we have allocated part of our storage space to the agency’s products and an air-conditioned office for the making of the kits. The manufacturing methods are very precised with systematic control steps. Each worker is trained to self-check, then an instructor or myself check each kit produced before it is finished and put into boxes. As for all our customers, we have an extremely high quality commitment. The workers know it and are very committed to doing it right. »

Adaptability in all circumstances

If, during the lockdown, teams were unable to come to work, ESAT Les Prés manage to treat its orders. “We want to satisfy our customers and be as reactive as possible. That’s why all the supervisors made up for the absence of the workers during this period and did the work for them. We haven’t had a single day off.” Smartclic was able to appreciate the availability in a context where the agency had to be very reactive in order to respond to customer needs. ESAT Les Prés was very supportive during the deployment of the preventive range. “I’m very proud of this partnership because it reflects the values of ESAT and Smartclic: we have great respect for each other and a great value of trust has been established between us. It’s very pleasant to work together under these conditions.” Mutual satisfaction!