Client Interview: Jonathan VALENTIN, Communication Manager for Mane

Mane, a family and international group. 

French leader and 5th in the world for flavorings and fragrances producers, the MANE group is established in 38 countries and has more than 6500 employees. Originally from the south of France, in a small village located on the heights of Grasse. It is there that Jonathan VALENTIN has been working for eight years in the Group’s communication department.

An actor in the shadows

Food flavorings and fragrances are everywhere, and yet we never see them: sweets, dairy products, chips, perfumes, cosmetics… A shadow industry par excellence, on a very competitive BtoB market, the MANE group works for the biggest actors in these sectors all over the world. The richness of its professions and the quality of its artistic process seduced Jonathan.

 I was rather predestined for the cultural and artistic world, I was attracted by the creative aspect, the permanent search to compose something beautiful within MANE.” This personal appetite, Jonathan has found material to develop and express it within the Group. “As in any company, the communication strategy is a reflection of the company’s strategy and its values.

The promotional object: a revealer of emotions

Among the communication tools used, promotional items occupy a predominant place at MANE.

By offering a promotional object, whatever it is, we seek to surf on the emotions contained in our products. It is a very important act to give a gift to a customer. We know that it will be used in one way or another and that it reflects the image of the company.

In fact, for the past three years, in order to be in line with the Group’s responsible commitment, Jonathan and the entire communications team have been refocusing their collaboration with local and European suppliers. A strategy that further strengthens the ties between Smartclic and MANE: the two companies have been partners since 2014 and are located about 20 kilometers from one to another.

We found the advice and customised support we needed from Smartclic’s teams. Their approach is in line with ours: thanks to a fine selection of their suppliers, we have access to products that give pride of place to raw materials, in line with our activities and products and that are in line with our company’s direction.