Interview: Justine MASSELA: a certain taste of freedom…

After two great years within the Smartclic team as communication project manager, Justine leaves us to discover other lifestyles throughout Europe. She explains to us what drives her, today, to provoke this rather radical change of life… and draws up the balance sheet of her SMART-experience!

So this project, what exactly does it consist of?

As soon as the health situation allows it, of course, we set off, with my companion, for a tour in Europe in a mobilhome to discover alternative lifestyles focusing on sustainable development. The idea is to reach out to people who have made the choice to live differently and to see what is possible, realistic and achievable according to our values.

Do you have a project in mind ?

Absolutely not ! The objective is precisely to find inspiration from the people we will meet and to nourish both a life project and a professional project. Since the start of my studies, I have made reluctantly choices , mainly because my parents asked me to. If it had been up to me, I would have already been part of the adventure a long time ago. Today I wish to find my true desires and discover myself in another way.

Why leaving now?

It’s been several months since we made this decision and we have to take the step one day… But after the two wonderful years I had just spent at Smartclic, it was out of the question to leave everything overnight. Today my replacement (Maeva HENGY) is trained and operational and will be able to take care of the rest of my files. I’m leaving with a big pinch in my heart but with memories in my head.

What animated you during these two years at the agency?

Right from the job interview, I had a big crush and it was evident for me. I found within Smartclic an extraordinary team in which I blossomed and revealed myself professionally. It was my first real job: I took a lot of pleasure even sometimes on complicated files. I was able to express the creative side that I had been looking for throughout my school studies while discovering organisational qualities that I didn’t suspect and a real ability to manage pressure. It was an extraordinary adventure.

Today, what pushes you towards this new adventure?

The desire to give meaning to my life as a whole and to put all my energy into a project with strong values. It is a real couple project. We don’t know how long it will last or what our points of contact will be exactly, but the most important thing is to get started!