Client interview: Gyslain CABRERA, office of Laurentin de Nettoyage manager(Cagnes-sur-Mer)

Customer and partner: another way to develop your business.

It’s a small company on its way of becoming a good SME. Specialised in the residences and condominiums maintenance, the Office Laurentin de Nettoyage (OLN) now has 72 employees. Agents from the shadows with indispensable missions but not always well valued. Thanks to Smartclic, Gyslain Cabrera is about to give a new visibility to his company and its agents.

« Thanks to Smartclic, I understood that you can do a lot with very little things ! »


Gyslain Cabrera, manager of the OLN, had not previously devoted much time to communication.
After taking over the company with his father in 2002, he had until then focused on structuring and developing it. “When we bought the OLN, there were only 5 employees left. But the company, created in 1976, had potential. Today we are up to 80 employees in the summer and have another structure dedicated to pest management. “Over the last twenty years, Gyslain Cabrera has had many other priorities: the cleaning business has become highly professionalised, with highly technical expertise particularly in products and materials .

At the same time, technical data sheets, standards and controls have multiplied. So when Gyslain met Vincent Daumas and Gisèle Chaumeille from the Smartclic agency, he opened his eyes to an area which he had not necessarily measured the impact of: “Vincent and Gisèle gave me lots of ideas that allowed me to move forward. They are very creative and ask themselves the right questions to satisfy our needs. They made me realise how important a small, well-targeted gift to a client can be. Offering a mouse pad or a notepad with our logo is to give yourself a long -lasting and daily visibility. »

More than a simple customer

Gyslain and Vincent are two entrepreneurs and have understood the value of working together: OLN and Smartclic are now business partners. Both members of the BNI network, the two managers remain attentive to opportunities that could affect the other’s business. “Our networks are complementary. And like Vincent, I like working with positive, competent and passionate people. It’s a great meeting and everything we’ve set up together is working well. It’s great! ».

Gyslain’s advice: “Go and visit the Smartclic showroom! It’s just incredible. It’s full of ideas! »