CSR commitment: with Smartclic, order Responsible!

In line with our previous responsible actions, we have implemented a new initiative: planting a tree for every order placed by our customers. As a member of the United Nations Global Compact since 2014, it is only natural that we have decided to advance our environmental commitment by involving you in this new adventure.

The project: Acting for biodiversity on our territory

We initially decided to invest in an agroforestry project in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.

Disappeared from the regional territory, hedges and country trees have been decimated with the arrival of mechanisation in agriculture. Their systematic elimination caused an ecological and agronomic imbalance. Some farmers, anxious to develop a sustainable agriculture, wish to reintroduce them but they are lacking finances.

This is why a solidarity action has been set up in this region: to plant rowan, birch, wild apple, wild cherry and maple trees as early as next November.

Preserving our ecosystems

Together, we would like to finance 1 tree for each of your orders. This will contribute to the protection of crops and herds, but also to water quality, soil fertility and the deployment of biodiversity. This approach offers you the opportunity to participate alongside us in a project in favor of the environment, located in France. Certified by Ecocert, the plantations are guaranteed qualitative and organic

We would be happy to continue on this path by participating in more projects in France and around the world thanks to you and your loyalty.

Other trees are just waiting for you. Order Responsible!